FairWorld Academy

Design your Future – a fairer future begins now!

Fair World Academy brings “people, planet and profit” nicely in balance

It is clear to everyone in this world that ever quicker and more frequent crises make it necessary to change our approach and course of action. Not some day in the future, but now. An innovative academy for various service sector branches is getting companies and organisations ready for the economy in the future.

Already more than 950 towns and cities around the world, both great and small, are certified fair trade towns where goods and services are exchanged under fair trade conditions, and make up an important part of the economic strength. This movement, originated by the worldwide TransFair initiative, is growing rapidly. More and more consumers want to be certain that they are contributing to a fair economy through their behaviour. It is clear: fairness, integrity, sustainability and authenticity are the benchmarks for the economy in the future. This is more than a trend – it is becoming an obligation for future generations.

It is not only the manufacturing sectors that need to respond to this serious change in people’s needs and demands. Co-operation in the service sector is also being called for: all sectors in contact with guests and customers – from the hotel and catering sectors through fashion, to hospitals and council services - face the challenge of agreeing to the sustainable protection of resources. This means balancing the needs of the people in a respectful manner with economic cost-effectiveness. This is a task that needs practice and integrated professional support to reach a successful conclusion.

Clients and seminar participants of Fair World Academy could very well be managers, but also their individual employees or teams. Participants will learn the specific social and professional skills necessary for the implementation of worldwide fair, sustainable and acceptable criteria in companies, organisations and institutions. What Fair World Academy has to offer encompasses practice-oriented, concrete support, training, mentoring and tailored one-to-one or team coaching. Also lectures about the Fair World Academy are presented in order to initiate a Fair World Movement.

The result will always be measurable - in lower absenteeism, higher guest numbers and visible customer satisfaction, better image, higher employee motivation and many other ways. The most important result, however, is NOT measurable: your very personal contribution to a world where “people, planet and profit” are in balance.