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Fair World Academy brings “PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT” nicely in balance

It is clear to everyone in this world that ever quicker and more frequent crises make it necessary to change our approach and course of action. Not some day in the future, but now. An innovative academy for various service sector branches is getting companies and organisations ready for the economy in the future



1 + 1 = 3 ToptheBest

The strength that binds us in our daily work will multilpay your success


enjoy empowerment!

ToptheBest™ is a cross-over empowerment model bringing companies in the service industry to the top within their business area.



Wecke die Diva in dir !

a marvellous book from the german author Monika Scheddin.

Written with an eye-blink and practicla tipps and advices for business-woman.(and man offcourse!)

This book is a revelation on your own performance and reflects without pointing a finger ! Enjoy reading.

 Note: this book is currently only available in german !