Our partners are “real” partners. That means all people and companies we have worked with and whose services have proved their value.

1. Shapefruit AG: For years, this company has been a steadfast online partner and creative think tank for strategic marketing and practical application | Contact person : Erek Gaudian

2. Form-A Architektur: Any wishes the client may have and architectural vision are in complete balance! No one-man show and a good ear for clients with durable orientation. | Contact person : Helmut Rübsamen

3. Berendes –Vertriebsoptimierung: Sales expertise for more than 20 years with intense marketing knowledge and quick results. Questions are asked immediately in order to apply the answers successfully: no compromises. | Contact person : Doris Berendes

4. Schollen & Mücke Hotel-Asset-Management GmbH: Professionals in Hotel asset management and strategic solutions. An absolute insider with experts and partners for feasibility studies you can count upon | Contact person : Christian Schollen

5. De Wolf Junior (2x): Youth experts (15 and 12 years of age) with service providing experience and a compassionate approach to their environment. Strong gut feeling with firm reasoning: ‘We like this, and we hate that!’ | Contact person : Roeland & Sebastiaan de Wolf